Bicycle Trip from Dovadola 15/09/08 to Pinerolo 24/09/08 Italy 1st Day

Note: Dovadola (Montepaolo) is a small village in the middle of the hills of the northeast part of Italy, near Bologna


1º Day: Montepaulo – Firenze (120km)

Status of Departure:

Time: 9.15 A.M.

Weather: Cloudy, Windy and Cold

Temperature: 12ºC

To start with I have to say that I was a bit worried about the weather few days ago, but yesterday evening I saw the weather forecast for the next 3 days from the places we are heading to. And I feel relieved to know that only today will be cloudy. The other days are all sunny, and this is just perfect because we are heading to the beaches!

The beginning: Firstly, we went the way down from Montepaolo to Dovadola, hehe wonderful 7km of speed! I love to go down! Once in Dovadola, we took the main road to Firenze. At the beginning the way was easy and beautiful, and after 2 hours of cycling we stopped to eat…Well, the food seems to be better than ever whenyou make such a physical effort like we did, and this because we had only some fruit and sandwiches…I mean, simple food. Very nice eh!

So we left again, to go up like 500m, and that was the hardest part of our first day cycling, with steep ascents all the way until the top, which is “Passo del Muraglione”, at 907m above sea level. Once there, we took some pictures, because the view is just awesome!

I was very happy to have gotten there, because I knew that every road that goes up must go down afterwards…heheh!

The way down was very exciting, specially at 60km/h!

That was one of the best moments of the trip, when I could really sense the sensation of freedom caused by the speed and the turns, and all I could hear was the wind blowing on my whole body!

After that, the road became flat again, with nice landscapes to admire.

At 3 P.M.we stopped to eat and restore some energy to cycle the remaining kilometers to Firenze.

So, energies restored, stomachs filled, we went on again, but slowly this time, because I was having strong pain on my legs, caused by all the effort I did to reach the top of the pass. Nevertheless, everything went fine and at 4.45 P.M. we arrived at Firenze, and WOW! It was a really big city!

Well, not only big, but also beautiful and crowded with lots of tourists, and a really crazy traffic. I wonder how it’s possible to make that traffic flowing like I was back there, just incredible how it was crazy and on the same time functional!

But WE are more crazy…hehehe. We cycled fast through cars, vespas (small motorcycles, typical of Italy) and other bicycles, sometimes going on the wrong side of the road as well, heheh!

We managed to get to the supermarket to buy our “Survival Kit”, the food of course!

From the paradise called Supermarket, yeah paradise, at least for tired and hungry guys like us, we went back again on the crazyness of the city to find our way out, so we could look for a place to sleep on  the wild.

15km from Firenze we saw a field that could make us happy…we came up the road with olive trees at our left and grapes at our right, and then, after some time seaching the place, we found a good place by the olive tree’s field, with a spetacular sunset, yeah no clouds anymore! The place had a panoramic view over Firenze and there was a big full moon in the sky, so what else could we ask for?

Firenze, seen from the Olive trees field

Impressions: It’s worth to say that I loved that city (Firenze), which is a very romantic place!

So, now I’m very happy I hope to have an even better day tomorrow. Well guys, now I’ll go inside my sleeping bag, so see you guys tomorrow

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