Bicycle Trip from Dovadola 15/09/08 to Pinerolo 24/09/08 Italy 2nd Day


2º Day: Olive trees field (nearby Firenze) – Pisa and Lucca

Status of Departure:

Time: 09.10 A.M.

Weather: Sunny but not hot

Temperature: about 15ºC

After taking a fast breakfast with the warmth of the sun and the beauty of the view, we loaded the bicycles.

Bicycles ready, so time to get on the road again!

After cycling for one hour, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and some details that only our eyes could see, we stopped to buy our “Survival Kit” and change clothes from pants and pullovers to t-shirts and shorts, because by 11 A.M. it was already hot!

Road again..kilometers and kilometers of small villages, sunflower plantations, olive plantations and in some parts the road was surrounded by trees! Well, I don’t have sufficient words to describe the Tuscan (Toscana) Region…The richness of the nature is really impressive here.

At 3.30 P.M., after hours of cycling we finnaly saw the so-awaited sign written “Pisa”. Awaited because we were very curious about seeing the famous and strange tower…but we got lost on the city. We spent 15 minutes trying to find the tower, and then when we finally found it, WOW! Impressive!

The Leaning Tower of Pisa on the background

Big palace beside the tower

So, there we relaxed for some time by taking pictures, admiring the buildings, refilling our water bottles, and also laughing at a group of cyclists from Venice, because they asked the Police if they could take a picture without the public, so it would be only them! Ridiculous…you cannot just put out thousands of people from such a famous place like that one only for taking a picture…

So, relaxing time passed, time to cycle again! This time heading to Lucca, where a friend of ours was expecting us…It’s 20km to Lucca, what means one hour cycling.

At the half of the way, the road started to go up to the mountains, and what a beautiful view you have from the top of the road…just marvelous. From there you can see the whole region, including The Leaning Tower of Pisa. Just a pitty that I couldn’t stop for pictures of the horizon because there was no place to stop at all. The road itself is like a dream!  The landscape around the road was just perfect, with nice trees on both sides, big plantantions and dazzling mountains…No complains about that. Actually this part of the trip is the most beautiful until now!

When the ascent finished, we entered in a nice 1km long tunnel. Yeah noisy, but yet very nice, specially because after that came the descent…after every ascent there is a descent, no second thought about that, for it’s a rule, and also a pleasure when it comes to the descent part.

At about 5.40 P.M., the arrival in Lucca became true! We saw a part of the city, which includes the beautiful and old historic center, with a big wall surrounding it. The wall had a walking path on its top, with big trees on both sides. I found it cool, because the wall is like 4 or 5 meters high, so it feels like walking on the Great Wall of China…what an unfair comparison!

The big wall with the walking path on its top

Wall again...

.We did all this sightseeing while looking for our friend’s house, what by the way, became impossible, because there were two streets with the same name! We could only find one of them, so we called our friend and he came to pick us up. Now is the end of our day. At his house we had comfort, shower, and good company to talk with. Yeah, nice time here, and tomorrow we have beaches, iuhuuuu! Good night guys!

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