Bicycle Trip from Dovadola 15/09/08 to Pinerolo 24/09/08 Italy 3rd Day


3º Day: Lucca – La Spezia – Cinque Terre

Status of Departure:

Time: 09.30 A.M.

Weather: Sunny, a bit wet and cold

Temperature: Unknown

A good night (sleep) can really change your day, and sleeping at friends is something that makes the travel even more pleasant…!

2 days of cycling were enough to put my legs in fit. I don’t feel pain anymore and it feels like they are stronger.

Well, we took a small, and in the beginning, steep road to the sea. In half and hour we reached the top, just to go down again (like a rollercoaster) heheh…but this time we had a spectacular view of the sea!

At about 11 A.M. we arrived at a small coastal city called Viareggio, which has lots luxury boutiques and kilometers of beaches. Then, we took a cycle path that runs in parallel with the sea. The cycle path was surrounded by hotels (thousands of them), fashion stores (yeah!, and also other types of store just 50m from the salt water!). It was a nice place to be, as the path was straight all the way for 30km or something, amazing eh?!

The Mediterranean Sea seen from the Cycling Path in Viareggio

The cycling path with the stores (fashion, accessories and souvenirs) on hte left

At noon a stop for lunch, but only for eating…no resting time, as it was too hot for that…So, we went straight again and again…It’s impressive how much time we spent going straight, without a single turn! We passed by a big seaport, and then we took a small but peaceful road to La Spezia.

Me on the small road to La Spezia

One of the most rare sights in La Spezia: a beautiful scene, without industries, slums and all the sort of dirty and ugly things

Before speaking about La Spezia, I must comment about the road that led us there…Well, it’s not only a road…It’s also a place for pleasure, with breathtaking landscapes and charming fishermen villages on the cliffs!

One of the charming fishermen villages seen from the road to La Spezia

Well, continuing…We arrived at La Spezia at 3 P.M. more or less, and we’ve lost a long time looking for our “Survival Kit Store” (The city as quite big and confusing), caused by lost of turns, stoplights, traffic and without any knowledge of the city…

At 5 P.M. we departed from there, after having a break for eating (in peaceful and silent park, which felt like a bless, because La Spezia is a noisy and dirty city!). This time heading to Cinque Terre (it means Five Lands). WOW! Every meter of the road which cross this place is a dream…I cannot describe the view with words!

This is Cinque Terre! 18km of high and green cliffs...MARVELOUS!

Cinque Terre is named after the 5 villages placed on this small piece of land across 18km of cliffs

After like 15km (sometimes very hard, as the road had some steep parts) going slowly to enjoy every piece of the stunnig scenario, and stopping many times for pictures, we found a place to sleep in a vineyard just beside the road…Well, we had to work hard to reach the upper part of the vineyard, as it was in a steep terrain…It felt like climbing a mountain! The place we found to sleep in was very limited in space, and it was meters from the precipice, so we had to be careful when moving around…otherwise we could fall into the abyss and then end of trip…we hide our bikes behind the bushes to keep them out of sight.

You might spend lots of money to go to a beautiful place, and yet you will not have the indescribable feeling that we had…We slept on the grass, just above the vineyard and below the woods (yeah, there was like a forest above our heads…uphill), and with the big and blue Mediterrean Sea in front of us…What else could we wish for?

The Mediterranean seen from our sleeping place! Better than any cinema!

So, for today I have finished my post…Time to sleep, because tomorrow it’ll be even better…Actually I’m already excited about seeing the ocean on the morning light.

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2 Responses to Bicycle Trip from Dovadola 15/09/08 to Pinerolo 24/09/08 Italy 3rd Day

  1. _icho says:

    hello there.. very nice picture.

    “One of the charming fishermen villages seen from the road to La Spezia” … i like this picture most. very beautiful. would be better if the sky more cloudy.

    anyway, i m still newbie in photography. on learning still. i guess u a pro already. did u use digital SLR for taken these pictures? … perhaps u dont mind to check this page of mine. but were not taken by digital SLR. so not as sharp as your image quality here.

    best regard.

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