Life as a magic and a possibility of true knowledge

What’s life?…Choices? Karma? Destiny? Bonds? Or a mix of everything you can think of?

I don’t know, no one will ever know…because if life could be predictable we wouldn’t have any bad experiences, would we?

More I think about this subject, more I get the feeling that the so-called “mistery” of life is a gift. It’s like a tiny drop of magic, which can dramatically change our entire life!

I always fell happy when I think about this “mistery”. This is what gives our life some charm.

It’s funny to say all that, because I don’t feel so happy when I think about people. They are so predictable most of the times, their minds are so shallow, their personality so void…They don’t even suffer, because how can someone feel anything when living such a meaningless life?! Even all the suffering, pain and agony are felt in a very low level.

I know that it’s not necessary to have a lot of stuff in order to be happy…but neither using drugs, driking alcohol and smoking are going to solve their problems, nor they’ll make them joyous or delighted with their lives.

The keyword is: SELF KNOWLEDGE. This is the most important thing in life. We are like a cauldron filled with memories, feelings, sensations and expectations. Yet, only by taking drop by drop from the cauldron, we can study and understand its content. We can take a drop and feel a really bad smell, in a way that we feel like giving up on our “research”, but if we don’t gather strength to fight that, we will never be able to learn about the content and then diminish our suffering. So, our lives will be as pointless as many others are at this present moment.

Only through self knowledge one can have inner peace, less stress and  a better life.

I’m not saying this is an easy mission. It’s the hardest and yet the most surprising and perhaps also the most incredible experience you can have! Give it a try…You have nothing to lose but all your fears and doubts about yourself.

See you guys!

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