Bicycle Trip from Dovadola 15/09/08 to Pinerolo 24/09/08 Italy 4th Day


4º Day: Cinque Terre – Genova – Cogoleto

Status of Departure:

Time: 09.30 A.M.

Weather: Cloudy and a bit cold

Temperature: about 14ºC

To wake up with all that water just in front of your face is something beyond understanding…during breakfast I felt like eating on a king’s table…it was jus bad that the weather wasn’t good, but at least it didn’t rain…

This is a big cruise ship...Can you imagine how small it is on this big sea?...

If I was coming back home it would be difficult to say goodbye to that special place, but we still had 250km of road to cycle, so I couldn’t be sad knowing that there were still lots of nice places to see and some breathtaking views to admire.

Well, after having everything packed and ready, we went on the way to our next stop: Levanto, the last village of the “Cinque Terre”.

With the first kilometers came a steep ascent, good for waming up the muscles. After some time we found a blockade closing the road, which was made by workers who were mending some points of the road…but the blockade was only for cars…and guess what…we didn’t have a car…heheh…

So we passed straight the blockade and then the road was all ours!

At 11.00 A.M. we arrived at Levanto, with the usual break for “shopping” and lunch…

Levanto seen from our lunch place on the the beach...Can you see the dark clouds in contrast with the fading sunshine over the houses?

The village wasn’t very interesting, but the beach was quite nice, with some rocks to sit on…the water was blue with shades of green and the sand was dark but soft…actually that was our first eating break on a beach…eating on the rocks with just the sounds of waves to listen to…even the sun came out of the clouds to enjoy our presence there…hahah

The coastal side of Levanto

break time, eating bread with camembert cheese under the fading sunlight...

break finished, time to come back to the road, which was a hard thing…steep ascent, steep ascent and more steep ascent…that time was even harder because of the midday sun…

In the latter part of our ascension we entered a forest with high and spaced trees…I had a very good feeling there…If felt like a complete state of peace.

Finally the end of the steep ascent and the beginning of the Lord of the Rings-like forest

After that, the the road became flat again, and the landscape around us reminded me the “U.S.A. – Mexico boarder”, as it had a desert-like appearance, with rocks and cactus. It’s a pity that I didn’t take any picture of it…

Entering the country of Genova...20km until Chiavari!

In mid-afternoon the road turned to the left, running towards the coast…All the way from Cinque Terre to the desert-like place was stuck in the montains, and the road “chose” to run along the sea again…It was wonderful for us…Just perfect. And where the road meets the sea is Chiavari, one of the biggest cities in Liguria (a region of Italy)…yeah big, but not nice…

We just passed through the city, leaving it behind in seconds. After what felt like 30min, the way became montainous again, but this time in a different manner, as it was always running in parallel to the coast. That was the time when I began to dream, stunned by the impressive landscape…try to imagine a coast with high cliffs, a road crossing it and in the same time going up and down, up and down…It was crazy, but gorgeous anyways! The villages we passed through were so peaceful (except for the noisy road) and the view was fantastic.

Rapallo, one of the gorgeous villages across the coastal road which goes from Chiavari to Genova

The road was like that all the way from Chiavari to Genova, and I felt like being in a rollercoaster with so many ups and downs, lefts and rights. But, despite all this being a pleasant view for my eyes, it was hard for our bodies to cope with the steep ascents that were waiting for us after every descent…

Breathtaking view of Santa Margherita!!!

Funny message, hehe...It means: I MAY GO OUT AT ANY MOMENT. It's a smart and kind way of saying: IT'S FORBIDDEN TO PARK HERE

At 7 P.M. we entered the city of Genova. The place really impressed me, as it was bigger than I had thought, with massive traffic, a lot of noises, a nice charm, and by the sea!

We called our friend, but his mobile was turned off. So, we called another friend who lived in Cogoleto, in the outskirts of Genova , and then we went to her place.

We almost got ourselves killed when trying to reach the train station…what the hell was that crazy traffic?! Some important avenues had no stoplights working, having their flowing controlled by a traffic cop in right in the middle of the rush hour!!!

We jumped on the trains (with the bikes) instead of cycling, and we did that for 2 good reasons to follow?

1st: we were very tired; 2nd: it was really dangerous to cycle at night.

One of Genova's train stations

I can’t tell how lucky we were, but for sure more than we could think of…We arrived in  Cogoleto just few hours (about 2) before the rain started…And it rained a lot that night…

Being back to the comfort of a house is really relaxing, especially after such a hard day…

See you guys!…tomorrow some sightseeing in Genova, yuhuuu!

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