Did you ever…? Thoughts on life and goals

Did you ever feel like a wolf out of the Pack?

Did you ever feel like being in the wrong place, after living there for months?

Did you ever feel bored by staying in the same neighborhood for more than 3 months?  Or even being in the same country for years?

Did you ever feel sick with all the automation of the modern urban society?

Did you ever feel like dropping everything and going away far enough to forget where you came from?

Did you ever feel stuck in situations imposed by something or someone?

Did you ever feel that you don’t need all the complexity of the relationships but you just can’t get rid of that because this need for complexity is in your veins?

Did you ever notice that the need for complex relations and feelings is like an epidemic disease, meaning that everybody around you is infected by that and therefore cannot cure themselves because they don’t even look for an antidote as they don’t see their own problem?

Did you ever feel that you are not living your life, but the life you accepted by making “comfortable” choices as working for money instead of doing something more enjoyable?

Did you ever feel REAL pleasure for at least some seconds?

Did you ever do something strictly related to your own desire, without giving a single thought to what others are going to say?

Did you ever…

Did you…


That’s the contemporary society problem. Too much thinking. Too much babbling.

But no actions…just Dreams…Thoughts…Illusions…Are we going to live for REAL or not?

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