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This page is intended to help people.

The reviews presented here are intended to facilitate the experience of people over the websites and services mentioned by the reviews.


Description: Orkut is a social network, with a vast amount of communities about everything you can possible imagine, from serious stuff like photography, jobs and health discussing forums, to useless things like communities with titles like “Love is a special thing”, or “I hate waking up early”. It can be a useful tool to meet new people and admiting people by looking at their orkut profile, which can tell a lot about people’s personalities. 3/5 STARS *

Description: Another social network, with a very different interface from that of Orkut, giving priority to the seach field. Its search field uses an intelligent system, which looks for surnames and kinship, and it does the job very well. Lots of people have found someone of their family or a friend whom they did not see for a long time through this network. 4/5 STARS*

Description: A social network made only for travelers. It gives the user the chance to host someone at his/her house, by talking to the person who whishes to be a guest at the host’s place. When the user wants to go to a city, he/she can use this network for asking people (through messages) if they can host the user at their place. Everyone has a profile and also comments from other people about their experiences at the place of the host. It also possible to offer a place, so if the user wants to offer his/her place to someone who is coming to the city of the user he/she can. It’s like an exchange, because users can both host and be guests. And most important, give the users the chance to know if the host is good and reliable. 5/5 STARS*

Description: This is a social network directed to photographers. They open an account, and then a profile is created for them. This profile contains information about the photographer and his equipment. They can create albuns, having to write the country the photo was taken in order to help people to find photographs from the places they like. It’s possible to comment on the pictures as well. Navigation through the network is user friendly. 4/5 STARS*

Description: Ning is like the gold of the social networks, because it allows you to create you own private social net, which gives you freedom to invite whoever you want, and then lets you customize the page for the needs of you and your invited friends. It’s possible to upload pictures and documents, as well as commenting posts, making a blog and so on…It’s an extremely versatile tool, which is very important nowadays as everything and everyone is connected through the “cloud” (internet). 5/5 STARS*


Description: It’s a smart and easy way of creating and managing your own message board, with post-its, memos, short phrases and others. It’s a joy to use and has a lovely interface. Lino It is a free service that allows you to create a canvas of online multimedia sticky notes. In addition to basic text, the sticky notes you place on your canvas can contain videos, images, and file attachments. Unlike some similar sticky note services, Lino It allows you to alter the size and color of your fonts. You can use Lino It’s built-in calendar tool to set due dates on your sticky notes. 4/5 STARS*


Description: a very nice way of taking your favourite websites with you everywhere. It allows you to bookmark all your favourite webpages in an online account, protected by a password. 4/5 STARS*

*the stars indicate the quality!


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